Get Ready to ShakeOut

You could be anywhere when an earthquake strikes: at home, at work, at school, or even on vacation. Are you prepared to survive and to recover quickly? Great ShakeOut earthquake drills are an opportunity to practice how to be safer during earthquakes.


You and your family are encouraged to practice earthquake drills throughout the year. Here's what to do during a drill:

  1. Drop to the ground (before the earthquake drops you!)
  2. Take Cover by getting under a sturdy desk or table
  3. Hold on to it until the shaking stops

If you are inside a building, move no more than a few steps, then Drop, Cover and Hold On. Stay indoors till the shaking stops and you are sure it is safe to exit. In most buildings, you are safer if you stay where you are until the shaking stops.

If you are outdoors when the shaking starts, find a clear spot away from buildings, trees, streetlights, and power lines, then Drop, Cover and Hold On. Stay there until the shaking stops.

If you are driving, pull over to a clear location, stop and stay there with your seatbelt fastened until the shaking stops. Once the shaking stops, proceed with caution and avoid bridges or ramps that might have been damaged.

Drop Cover Hold On Lock Cover Hold On