Design Review Permit

The City is primarily a residential community, noted for its recreational, cultural and educational facilities. Its charm and enduring attraction result from the natural beauty of its unique mountain and valley location, its climate and equally from the distinct character and traditions of community life established by the people who have chosen to live there. The maintenance and orderly growth of this environment, with emphasis upon harmonious architectural development, is essential to the survival of these values. The Commission, by City laws, is charged with the responsibility of the maintenance of architectural standards which will contribute to these ends, sustain property values and further the public welfare. The design of the buildings most characteristic of the City has been inspired chiefly by traditional types developed under similar climatic conditions. The successful adaptation of these architectural forms, with ingenious variations to meet modern needs, has resulted in an architectural design that identifies particularly the central business district of the City from other communities. It is essential to a rational and continued improvement of the community that property owners, architects and builders recognize these facts and use initiative and their best judgment and talents toward the development of buildings of character that harmonize with their surroundings and are suitable for the proposed site.

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