Ojai Day Mandala

For more than 30 years the Mandala has been the heart and soul of Ojai Day. Created each year by the Ojai Mandala Artists group and community members of all ages, the Ojai Day Mandala is a symbolically significant geometric painting. Through it's design and creation it brings together artists and community members around its annual theme and provides a space for Ojai Day opening events. The mandala was historically painted on Ojai Avenue/Highway 150 in the middle of the intersection with Signal Street, but since the pandemic, with the festival moving to Libbey Park only, the mandala has been created at Libbey Fountain, incorporating the water feature into its design.

Led by local artist River Sauvageau and her Mandala Mavens, the drawing usually begins a day or two prior to the event and continues until Ojai Day. Recent support through a City of Ojai Arts Grant has expanded Mandala creation and education through a series of pre-event workshops.