ARTSOjai Education and Outreach

In 2013 the Commission began establishing City educational programs to further its mission of fostering the arts in Ojai. We currently operate two programs: the Artists Mentor Program, partnering students with professional artists for a summer internship; and Art21, an educational film series. These programs depend on many hours of volunteer labor and in kind donations as well as funds made available by the City of Ojai.
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The Artists Mentor Program

The City of Ojai’s Arts Commission selects area high school students to partner with Ojai artists for a summer intern program. Along with the necessary funding from the City, additional funds have been granted by the Ojai Education Foundation.

Each year the City sends out an open invitation to Ojai artists using the performing arts and the artist’s registry. Applicant artists are then narrowed down to the number of funded internships.The ArtsOjai committee then contacts Ojai public and private schools, handing out applications to interested students. The elected artists then chose a student to work with from the vetted applications and recommendations of their instructors.

The artists and students are required to partner for no fewer than 50 hours of one-on-one instruction. The session is then followed by a fall show presenting the student artists work.

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