The Ojai City Council set aside a portion of City Hall as the City Gallery in the 1990s to house its newly established and growing collection of local art.

The work for the permanent collection is acquired and curated through the Arts Commission. Acquisitions are made from the work of artists who have created, displayed or performed in the Ojai Valley and have been shown to have a professional and/or cultural significance by our Acquisitions Committee.

The permanent collection now includes pieces from such notable local artists as Bert Collins and Kent Butler, as well as works from internationally known local artists Beatrice Wood, Otto and Vivika Heino, and Horace Bristol.The collection includes a variety of media including oil, watercolor, photography, pottery, and sculpture. It also includes public art located outside the walls of City Hall. Click here to see a gallery of public art. Click here for information on our newest piece of public art, Trimpin’s Sound Arch

For further inquiries on art acquisitions for the permanent gallery contact Commissioner Linda Harmon.

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