Hope Frazier Award

Named in honor of former Arts Commissioner Hope Frazier, the award is given in recognition of the social and cultural benefits of an individual’s work in, or for, the arts. The award recognizes the recipient for their social contribution to our community, either by increasing participation in or expanding the avenues of the arts, and thereby increasing our sensitivity to the human condition.

Frazier, a respected photographic artist and journalist, succumbed to cancer in December of 2007. She is remembered for her own dedication to uplifting the human condition and is best known for her graphic portrayal of the effects of coal mining on the peoples of Appalachia, BRUSHY Between the Halves of My Heart. Frazier was also instrumental in the founding of the Ojai Film Festival and The Ojai Poetry Festival.


2008John Azevedo (art patron)
2009Tom and Becky Lowe (musicians)
2015Susan Stinsmuehlen-Amend (artist)
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