Ojai by Design

The Ojai Valley is known nationally for its stunning visual landscape—the majestic mountains surrounding the little Valley, the magnificent Pink Moments, the cozy little town feel.  And all that “provides a splendid showcase for the Valley’s rich architectural heritage of Southern California”, says historian Craig Walker, author of a new book called “OJAI by DESIGN: Fine Architecture of the Ojai Valley.”

The book is available for purchase directly from Ojai City Hall (walk to the front reception area and they can take your order), Bart’s Books and Ojai Valley Museum. The cost is $29.95. More locations coming soon!


The brainchild of Arts Commission Chair Michael Addison and managed by artist and Commissioner Bobbi Balderman, the book of photographs and essays documents 23 historic buildings designed by such renowned architects as Greene and Greene, Richard Neutra, Paul Revere Williams, Julia Morgan and George Washington Smith. Many of the buildings are private residences so the public has not been able to realize much of the visual wealth of the Ojai Valley.  Until now.

Working with Walker and Balderman on the project, sanctioned by the City of Ojai’s Arts Commission, were local journalist Mark Lewis who edited the book and Ojai artist Carlos Grasso, who designed it. There were many photographers contributing to this book, the primary photographer being Dawn Rosa of Ojai.

Addison commented “Ojai is blessed with artists of high caliber, not the least of which are the architects whose work is illuminated in this book. Bobbi Balderman brought her artistic vision into play as she drew together the images that are at the core of the book.

Our hope is that this is the first of an Ojai Arts Commission series of books about art and our community, celebrating the creative energies that so enrich our lives.”

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