Four local artists of note have signed up to mentor four student artists this summer in the City of Ojai Arts Commission’s 5th annual Artist Mentor Program.  Now it’s time for student artists to do their own signing up so they can learn from these first-class artists.

Pastel artist Jannene Behl (pictured) has studied with legendary pastel artist Bert Collins; her students will study at Collins’ studio in the company of adult students to experience a community of artists. Sculptor and glass artist Stephen Dee Edwards is  world-renowned and a winner of many awards with international exhibits of his glass art. Printmaker Gail Pike Hercher will acquaint her student with the many artful and commercial uses of prints and will introduce her student to the concept of interning with other artists.  Patricia Anders, whose specialty is drawing, especially in symbolic imagery, also works in mixed media, both traditional and alternative. She will encourage her student to keep a journal of their work.

Over the summer, each student artist will work with the mentor for 50 hours learning the artmaking each mentor offers.  Past experience assures the program will be meaningful for the students. “It’s thrilling to hear the mentors talk about how exciting it’s been to see the students’ creativity expand in the course of the summer,” said Michael Addison, Chair of the Arts Commission. “It’s clear that the Mentors and Students have poured their hearts into their work together.”

Student Application form is below.

A student applicant must be in one of the high schools—private or public—in the Ojai Valley. Their parents must also live in the Valley.  The deadline for applications is May 25, 2018.  The Ojai Education Foundation has partnered with the City in sponsoring the program.

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