Ojai Literary Branch Salon: “In the Drink”

Ojai Literary Branch Salon: “In the Drink”

The Ojai Art Center Literary Branch kicks off its 2019 roster of speakers, Celeste Weingardt and Irene Henry, with two women who successfully survived the problematic situation of living with a brother who is an alcoholic. In their new book, “In The Drink: Surviving The Alcoholic,” they chart not only the course their own journey took, but incorporated the experiences of others as well. The public is invited to join Celeste and Irene on February 11, 7:00 pm in the Ojai Art Center gallery for their talk on the genesis for their book, their writing and publishing process, and how you can take steps to protect yourself in a relationship with an alcoholic.

Friends and long-time residents of Ventura, Celeste and Irene never planned to write a book about living with an alcoholic relative.  However, when they accidentally learned that they each had a brother suffering from alcoholism after both brothers were diagnosed with cancer, “In The Drink: Surviving The Alcoholic” was born.

Knowing firsthand how alcoholism not only consumes the drinker but also wreaks havoc in the lives of those closest to them, the two women decided to share their stories in writing with the hope that a book will provide clarity and direction to people in similar circumstances.  They initially thought they’d write about their brothers, but when friends learned about the project, they started telling Celeste and Irene about their own stories with a family member who also became an alcoholic.

The word about their project spread and, once Celeste and Irene decided to include others’ stories, the format for their book took shape.  “In the Drink: Surviving the Alcoholic” is published by Seagull Publishing and can be ordered on Amazon.  The book was profiled in SPAWN’s New Releases from the Small Publishers, Artists & Writers Network.

Celeste has worked in magazine publishing for many years and has also co-authored “Running to Win: Candidate Worksheet Series” the first edition of the series that was published in 2018. The next two installments will be released in 2019.  Irene is a law school graduate, political activist, a mom, and a former high school volleyball coach.

Their talk will be followed by a Q&A, a reception and book signing.

For additional information, please contact: Ilona Saari, ilonalonie@gmail.com

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