Ojai Photo Club presents: A Tribute to David Baker

Ojai Photo Club presents: A Tribute to David Baker

Dear Ojai Photo Club Members and Friends,

This past Memorial Day David Baker passed away in his sleep. As a proud Viet Nam veteran, he exited on the perfect day to be remembered. He was one great photographer, club leader, and personal friend and mentor to many. His presence, knowledge of photography, websites, computers and software was his gift to all of us who asked. He was mostly seen in the world through his lens and by the images he shared. His love of animals, musicians, family, landscape, and architecture was reflected in the hundreds of award winning photos he has shared.

Our deepest gratitude to David for the care and creativity he put into our club’s website, our image presentations, and annual banquet. When he chaired the Ojai Art Center Photo branch, he led educational classes, photo art walks, and the annual photo art exhibition. Photography was his passion and love.

At our upcoming meeting on July 17 the Photo Club invites you to join with us as we honor and celebrate David with video images and music. The club will provide beverages and we invite our membership to bring appetizers to share.

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