An Evening with Ivor Davis

An Evening with Ivor Davis

“An Evening with Ivor Davis” celebrates Ventura County author/journalist Ivor Davis, recalling his 50+ year career as an eyewitness to the biggest news events of our lifetimes.

The Ojai Art Center Literary Branch and the Small Publishers, Artists & Writers Network present the event which takes place September 26 at 7 pm in the Ojai Art Center Theater. A reception follows with a book signing.


Starting as a stringer for the Express, Davis was assigned to travel with the Beatles for their entire 1964 Summer Tour, which he chronicled 50 years later in his book, “The Beatles and Me on Tour.” He was smuggled into the University of Mississippi during segregation attempts. He was on the press team traveling by train with Robert F. Kennedy as the senator campaigned in 1968 and was within a few feet of Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel when he was shot. Davis then daily covered the trial of Shirhan Shirhan, Kennedy’s killer.


From the morning the bodies were discovered on August 9, 1969, Davis followed leads on the Tate/LaBianca murders, chasing off to Inyo County to try and interview Charles Manson when he was arrested. The next day, Davis went to Spahn Ranch and spent three days interviewing Manson family members, the results covered in “Five to Die,” the first book published on the murders. When the trials were held, Davis was in the front rows daily capturing the drama that became the Manson Murder Trials. His latest book, “MANSON EXPOSED: A reporter’s 50-year journey into madness and murder,” recalls every twist in the case and every lead he followed. Released this summer the book became an Amazon bestseller.


He covered other trials, events, earthquakes, murders, and more with tales about the most exciting celebrities from Burton and Taylor to Tom Cruise to brutal killers. Davis’s wit and balance as he dug through most of the most gruesome events adds fresh eyes to stories we watched on TV or read about in newspapers.


The Caucasian Chalk Circle by Bertolt Brecht

The Caucasian Chalk Circle by Bertolt Brecht

The Caucasian Chalk Circle by Bertolt Brecht
Seminar and Play Performance
Sunday, August 4, 2019

“When the houses of the great collapse many little people are slain.
Those who have no share in the fortunes of the mighty often have a share
in their misfortunes. The plunging wain drags the sweating beasts
with it into the abyss.”
10:00-10:30AM – Continental Breakfast
10:30AM-12:30PM – Seminar
12:30-2:00PM – Lunch
2:00-4:00PM – Play Performance
Elizabeth Reyes
Professor, Thomas Aquinas College
NPR Journalist and Author at Literary Salon

NPR Journalist and Author at Literary Salon

Paddy Hirsch, an author, journalist, broadcaster and former British Royal Marines officer, will be the featured speaker at next Ojai Art Center Literary Branch Salon. He currently works for NPR, where he edits and appears on The Indicator from Planet Money, a daily business and economics podcast. He will talk on how he used his journalist background and applied it to his approach to writing fiction.

His first novel, The Devil’s Half Mile (Tor/Forge) a historical thrill, was originally set out to be a non-fiction project as a result of his work as a financial journalist.  The book is set on Wall Street in 1799 as the American economy was recovering from a financial panic triggered by an orgy of stock speculation seven years earlier.  Non-fiction soon turned into fiction, allowing Paddy to draw parallels between Wall Street then and Wall Street today, and the religious and racial tensions that resulted as NYC rapidly grew.  For fans of The Alienist and Gangs of New York and those who were repulsed and fascinated by Gordon Gekko’s creed, “greed is good,” this is a must-read book.

His sequel to The Devil’s Half Mile, is titled Hudson’s Kill and will be released in September 2019.  Paddy is also the author of Man vs. Markets, Economics Explained, Plain and Simple, a non-fiction book that uses analogy and humor to explain how Wall Street works.

Please join Paddy on Monday, March 25, at 7:00 p.m. in the gallery at the Ojai Art Center.  His speech will be followed by a Q&A, a reception, and book signing.  Suggested donation, $5.00

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