Joyce Wilson “Creative Challenge”

Joyce Wilson “Creative Challenge”

“Creative Challenge” is the topic for the Ojai Photography Community’s upcoming event, featuring Santa Barbara based fine art photographer Joyce Wilson. The free event will be held on Tuesday, November 19, at 7 p.m. in Help of Ojai’s Kent Hall, 111 W. Santa Ana St., Ojai. The general public is invited to attend. Wilson has successfully made the transition from the constraints of commercial photography to the freedom and creativity of fine art.  She will reveal the practices that allowed her to straddle the fence into a new artistic vision. Visitors will learn how to take their creativity to the next level through her insights into the steps of becoming an artist and seeing beyond the ordinary. A master of alternative processes, she will discuss what is available today and share her love of combining traditional methods with the endless possibilities of digital technology. “I am passionate about alternative processes,” Wilson says, “and blend old world and contemporary technology to enhance and alter the photographic image to a subtler art form.” Using her camera as a “sketchbook,” she works with a variety of techniques including collage, encaustic wax and the nineteenth century arts of bromoil and photogravure etching.

Approaches to Street Photography

Approaches to Street Photography

  The Ojai Photography Community welcomes master photographer and educator Christopher Broughton, presenting “Approaches to Street Photography” on Tuesday, September 17, at 7 p.m. in Help of Ojai’s Kent Hall, 111 W. Santa Ana St., Ojai CA. The general public is invited to attend this free event. 

In his presentation he will share his extensive experience in this genre, breaking down his practice into fifteen key approaches that can be applied to any street from Ojai Avenue to the Champs Élysées.

Broughton will illustrate his talk with a selection of his powerful photographs from the streets of Paris. Visitors will also learn some basic elements that every street photographer needs to know: the best photographic tools, the ethics of the street, and how to find your individual “voice” as a photographer. 

A nationally and internationally exhibited photographer, Broughton’s work is in the permanent collections of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, the Toledo Museum of Art, the Crocker Art Museum, and the Quincy Art Center. 

For further information on Broughton, visit:

The Ojai Photography Community, which is devoted to inspiration, camaraderie and education, meets on the third Tuesday of each month, February – November. Monthly free presentations are part of the group’s community service and education outreach.

Riders of Waves, Mermaids, and Milkmaids

Riders of Waves, Mermaids, and Milkmaids

The Ojai Photography Community welcomes Ventura based photographer, Briana Diamond, who will present “Riders of Waves, Mermaids and Milkmaids.” Do mermaids really exist? To find out, visit Help of Ojai’s Kent Hall, 111 W. Santa Ana St., Ojai, CA, at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 16. The OPC invites the public to this free event

Diamond’s presentation will take the audience over and under the ocean waves and into the starry skies with images of surfers, mermaids, and the Milky Way. 

An emerging young photographer, Diamond graduated from Brooks Institute in 2014 with a degree in Visual Journalism. She works in multiple commercial fields, with a versatility ranging from still photography to videography, social media directing to video production, wedding photography to catalog photo shoots. 


Growing up in Southern California, Diamond began surfing at the age of seven and exploring photography in her backyard around the same time. At the age of eight, she found her career path; she recalls: “I still remember the day I was at the grocery with my mom when I was eight years old and saw my first Surfer magazine. I couldn’t believe that you can mix both passions into a career – surfing and photographing! I was mind blown and immediately started taking photos on land of surfers.” Pursuing her twin passions with single-minded purpose, she chose independent study in high school and at the age of sixteen was mentored by a photographer with National Geographic.

At Brooks Institute, Diamond finally zeroed in on her major artistic focus. She studied underwater photography with top nature photographer, Ralph Clevenger, and discovered her true calling. “We learned all about photographing and even editing images on water and underwater,” she says. “I was in heaven –  this is where I belong – in the water.” 

For more of Diamond’s images, go to

The Ojai Photography Community, which is devoted to inspiration, camaraderie and education, meets on the third Tuesday of each month, February – November. Monthly free presentations are part of the group’s community service and education outreach.

“Drone Photography — It’s All About Altitude”

“Drone Photography — It’s All About Altitude”

June Presentation: Chuck Place
“Drone Photography — It’s All About Altitude”


Contributed by Letitia  Grimes

The Ojai Photography Community (OPC) will host Santa Barbara based photographer, Chuck Place, presenting “Drone Photography — It’s All About Altitude,” on June 18 at 7 p.m. in Help of Ojai’s Kent Hall, 111 W. Santa Ana St., Ojai CA. The OPC invites the public to attend this free event.

In his presentation Place will cover the exciting new field of drone photography. He will share his experiences and the expertise he has achieved in shooting aerial photographs for hospitality, construction and real estate clients. His illustrated talk will feature a selection of the stunning images he has created utilizing a drone. He will discuss the unique advantages of drones as well as their safety issues. Their advantages provide the photographer with a perspective impossible either at ground level or at the higher level of an airplane. Along with aerial capability, drones remain quiet and cost little compared to standard aircraft. Safety is of paramount importance: “Essentially you are flying a four-bladed weed whacker,” Place says, and advises photographers to put safety in the forefront of their minds at all times.

Ojai Photo Club : The Elusive Landscape

Ojai Photo Club : The Elusive Landscape


February presenter is Dan Holmes. Many of you know of his work and some of you may have attended one of his workshops or photographic travel adventures. His talk entitled, “The Elusive Landscape – More Than Just a Pretty Picture,” will be held on Tuesday, Feb.19 at 7 p.m., in Help of Ojai’s Kent Hall., 111 W. Santa Ana St., Ojai CA. The public and members are invited to attend what will be a lively, informative and visually arresting talk by Dan Holmes. Bring a friend.

In his talk, Holmes will inspire, entertain and educate, leading the audience on a visual journey through some of the world’s most amazing locations.  He will discuss how to create powerful imagery and will leave visitors with the desire to get out, discover, photograph and protect this wonderful world of ours.

Addressing essential questions in landscape photography, Holmes will ask: What makes a powerful landscape or nature photograph?  How do we find it?  What gives a photograph “staying power”? How does it become a “lifetime image”?  How do we separate the image from all that beautiful nature?  How do we find and create emotional photographs using just what we see? How are we responsible for protecting the lands we cherish?

To answer these questions, Holmes will talk about chasing light, building a composition, finding images that are hidden in the scenery, some simple rules, and the joys of being outside and discovering nature’s beauty.  He will also introduce a Code of Ethics for Landscape and Nature Photographers. The examples will be mainly landscape and nature – but the thoughts and ideas apply across all genres.

Holmes is in the top tier of landscape and nature photographers, traveling the world to explore, discover, and tell stories with light.  Known for his emotional and evocative imagery, he takes great pleasure in teaching about photography in the natural world.  His photographic workshops cover creating powerful photographs, digital workflow, field workshops and photo adventure tours. He leads photo workshops in Alaska, Nepal, Namibia, the western US, and South America.  Past President of the Channel Islands Professional Photographers Association, and a Fellowship member of Professional Photographers of California, his awards include PPC Nature, Landscape, & Photojournalist Photographer of the Year; Kodak Gallery Award; Black and White Spider International; Creative Asia and others. He has been published in Outdoor Photographer, ProPhoto West, Black & White Spider, Runner’s World, Cycling News, and 805 Magazine. Explore his website at:


As was announced at our annual Pot Luck, our group has a new name, “The Ojai Photography Community.”   Please consider inviting a friend or acquaintance to join with us and encourage them to become a member.

The Ojai Photography Community is devoted to inspiration, camaraderie and education. We meet on the third Tuesday of each month, February through November. Our monthly free presentations are part of the  Community’s service and education outreach. We invite the general public to attend.

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