The Outgoing Tide

The Outgoing Tide

Broadway actors Peter Strauss, Jean Smart, and Michael Nathanson have a gift for Ojai theatergoers: they’re bringing Bruce Graham’s play The Outgoing Tide to the Matilija Auditorium for a staged reading July 20.  There’s the gift of their talent and then the second gift they’re making is to the Ojai Art Center Theater, the recipient of all the ticket receipts.

The three-character play is being presented by the Ojai Performing Arts Theater (OPAT) for one performance only.  Emmy-winner Strauss wants to do the play in his hometown because he has seen how moved and cheered audiences are by the play. He knows this because he has appeared in the role of Gunner in two productions in New York and one in Wilmington.

As Gunner, Strauss portrays a crotchety retiree who refuses to accept his impending death.  His long-suffering wife of 50 years (Peg) played by Emmy-winner Jean Smart, tries to find a place to care for Gunner as he declines. Their son Jack, played by TV veteran Michael Nathanson, and the part of the narrator will be read by Michael Addison. Peter Strauss is the director.

“This is an extraordinary play about the power of love, regrets, forgiveness and letting go,” said Strauss. “It’s profound in a manner that only theater can offer.

“Our reading is intended to support the Ojai Art Center Theater and enable it to continue to offer amazing theater to our community. More than ever, we need to share the theater experience of drama and comedy illuminating the human condition and reminding us of our universality.

“As Artistic Director of the Art Center Theater I am overjoyed that these three stars have agreed to donate their time and efforts to benefit the theater,” said Richard Camp. “The proceeds will go toward uplifting the productions throughout the season and help continue the theater’s efforts to bring the highest quality theater to the Ojai Valley.”

This one-night benefit performance will be July 20 at Matilija Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available online at or purchased by phone at 310-497-2248. The prices are $55 general admission and $75 for preferred seating and gala reception afterward to meet the cast. Buy early as this benefit is expected to sell out.

The Tragedy of Boudicca

The Tragedy of Boudicca

A contemporary verse drama of a classical historic figure

by Susan Kelejian

A special staged reading and immersion theater event

A Muse of Fire ProductionWhat would you do if your daughters were violated?

Cast: Jaye Hersh, Richard Camp, Vonder Gray, Susanna Joslyn Johansen, Jolene Rae Harrington, Brett Baxter, Sasha Heslip, Bodhi Bourbon, Kelsie Hoj, Angelica Smith, Ezra Eells, Chance Kelejian, Suzy Thatcher, Poosy Holmes, Eric Harrington, John Hoj, Alan Waserman

With Madrigali, Renaissance Voices of OjaiAdult themes: recommended for ages 13 and up

A Muse of Fire is affiliated with the Nordhoff Parent Association and Nordhoff Drama Department

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